Double Triumph: Tongwei Group Shatters Global Records for Solar Module Power
CRI Online2024-06-06 16:57:17

双突破 通威集团再次刷新全球组件最高功率纪录

Tongwei Solar Technology Yancheng Base Intelligent Manufacturing Production Line [Photo via Tongwei Group]

On May 29th, Tongwei Co., Ltd.'s Photovoltaic Technology Center announced a significant breakthrough: their independently developed THC 210 high-efficiency module has achieved a maximum output power of 765.18W and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 24.63% in standard dimensions of 2384mm*1303mm. Similarly, their TNC 210 high-efficiency module reached a maximum output power of 743.2W and a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 23.93%. Both the THC and TNC modules have set new world records, once again positioning Tongwei as the creator of the world's most powerful photovoltaic products.

双突破 通威集团再次刷新全球组件最高功率纪录

Tongwei Modules Supplying the Datang Sichuan Baisong Hydro-PV Complementary Project [Photo via Tongwei Group]

Currently, Tongwei offers two technical routes for its modules: THC and TNC. According to available information, the THC modules boast several advantages, including a higher bifacial ratio, the lowest temperature coefficient at -0.26%/℃, an initial-year degradation of just 1%, and an annual degradation rate not exceeding 0.375%. After 30 years, these modules retain at least 88% of their initial power output. The TNC modules have significantly improved power output, bifacial ratio, and temperature coefficient, thereby increasing power generation for the same installation area and effectively reducing the Levelized Cost of Electricity for photovoltaic projects. Additionally, Tongwei modules are highly adaptable to various systems and compatible with mainstream photovoltaic products available on the market.

It is reported that Tongwei's Global Innovation Research and Development Center has been launched in Shuangliu District, Chengdu, and is currently under construction. This center is set to encompass nearly all mainstream and future solar cell and module technologies, serving as a crucial engine for leading-edge technological development in the industry and fostering new productive capacities in photovoltaics.